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In order for recycled rubber to meet environmental standards, it must be manufactured with high quality – specifically, from a known and consistent source material. Recycled rubber from ASSCO s.r.o. is exclusively produced from EPDM technological waste, which we source directly from EPDM product manufacturers, and it undergoes strict and thorough quality control.

At ASSCO s.r.o., it is a standard practice to collect samples from each day's production for measurement and control of key properties. These records are securely stored in case customers inquire about the quality of specific deliveries. ASSCO s.r.o. is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system (certificate available for download at the end of the text) and undergoes regular audits.

In addition to daily quality control, the company conducts regular testing for the content of selected 8 PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), where daily samples from batches are homogenized and gradually divided (according to EN 142142) to create a representative sample, which is then sent to an accredited laboratory for PAH assessment (the results of PAHs are found below at the end of the text).

In cases where rubber granules are used as raw material for manufacturing products from recycled rubber, which are bound by polyurethane adhesive, there is an additional fixation of substances contained in the rubber granules. This is because the granules are coated with the binder, preventing the extraction of these aromatics to the surface."

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