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Quality policy


Be an important supplier and reliable partner in the processing of recycled SBR and EPDM rubber.

To fulfill this vision, we will follow these principles:

  • working closely with customers and taking an active approach in meeting their requirements, maintaining good relationships with existing customers and attracting significant new customers,
  • actively seek out and test new ways of using our products,
  • modernize production technologies to increase production efficiency and ensure high product quality,
  • ensure continuous training and personal development of workers,
  • within the REC Group, to actively participate in programs and events related to the continuous development and expansion of activities aimed at comprehensive solutions of waste management services and in environmental education for the public.

In order to comply with the Quality Policy, the company management undertakes to continually improve the quality management system and fulfill all related requirements.

All employees of the company are expected to adhere strictly to established procedures, high discipline and level of work, active approach to suggestions for improvement.

Done at Uherský Brod, on 15 January 2019

Pavel Hartman
Managing Director

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